Car Seats, Boosters, Strollers & Highchairs

Most children will use at least 3 car seats by the time they can sit in a vehicle with only the standard seat belt. When your car seat has expired, been in an accident, or been recalled without an option to repair, it should no longer be used.

But don’t put it in the trash! Recycle it! 

The materials can be recycled and made into something new. Less goes into the landfill and you’re helping reduce greenhouse gases.

There is a $20 recycling fee for each car seat you recycle.

Currently there is no designated or formal government appointed program to Recycle these items. Our

team has dedicated themselves to find the best possible solution to keep these items out of the landfill.

The fee is used to cover the cost of dismantling, storing, and transporting each material the right way.

Children’s items we recycle for a $20 fee:

  1. Children’s car seats
  2. Booster seats
  3. High chairs
  4. Playpens
  5. Strollers
  6. Cribs

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