What We Recycle

Beverage Containers

All beverage containers return value are 10 cents! Come by the depot to recycle your goods today! Help the environment and your wallet.  

Skip the hassle of sorting with Return-It Express

See below for a list of acceptable containers

Plastic Bottles

Drink Boxes



Gable Tops


Juice Cups


Liquor Plastic

Liquor Glass

Alcohol Box-Bag

Water Box-Bag


We recycle both residential and commercial electronics. 

Everything from common household electronics to working directly with corporations who need additional support in recycling their electronics from offices!

  • For a list of accepted electronics click here
  • For more general informations on electronics recycling click here


Do you have burnt, broken, or just unwanted light-bulbs and fixtures? Let us take them off your hands with free drop off

Smoke and CO Alarms

Do you have old, broken, or faulty smoke alarms? Don’t leave them fore the dump! Come by and let us recycle each device correctly.

Did you know smoke alarms have a radio active component which can be harmful if not contained properly? Simply come by and drop them in the smoke alarm bin so we can recycle them safely and correctly. 

  • For more information on how to recycle smoke and CO alarms correctly, click here


Make sure you are sorting, storing, and handling batteries correctly. 

Once ready, simply come by the depot and drop them into the appropriate bin and let us do the rest!


  • For more information on how to safely handle batteries, click here

Automotive Batteries

Automotive batteries contain elements that can be harmful to human health! That is why they must be handled with care and recycled safely.

Bring your old batteries by so we can ensure they are recycled correctly. 

Giving these batteries to the dump allows the heavy metals to erode and sink into the ground which damages earths water supply. Do the right thing and recycle.


Don’t let your old and unwanted textiles go to waste. Drop off your old textiles to the depot

To learn more about what kind of textiles are accepted and how you can make a difference, click here

Residential Blue Bin Recycling

We provide residence with recycling solutions for all household packaging. 

Click here to view a list of all the items you can recycle! 

Come find us!